Oscilla® AudioConsole PC software

AudioConsole is a complete software solution for PC-based audiometry, tympanometry and patient data management. With its intuitive user interface and wide range testing opportunities, AudioConsole helps hearing professionals optimise their workflows and dedicate more time to their patients.


  • Conduct pure-tone and speech tests conveniently in front of your PC
  • Watch audiograms and tympanograms update in real-time on your PC screen
  • Store as many tests as needed in the patient database
  • Create patient profiles with relevant personal data and notes
  • Create operator profiles with relevant info and personal signatures
  • Customise operational settings according to preferences (configure keybord and mouse controls)
  • Customise test settings according to preferences (select/deselect frequencies, choose dB start level)
  • Customise PDF reports according to preferences (add logo, signature and create personal layout)
  • Integrate with Noah
  • Interface with other patient management systems
  • Import/export data in XML
  • Available in a variety of languages

Please note - Available tests will vary depending on the Oscilla® device used with AudioConsole.


Oscilla AudioConsole is Noah 4 compatible, and work with all Noah 4 compatible patient managment systems and fitting solutions.

Optimise workflows

AudioConsole helps the user optimise workflows. Audiograms and tympanograms are updated in real-time on the screen during tests. Each test session can be stored in the database under the patient profile. This makes it easy for the operator to gain an overview of the patient's history. Stored data can also be used for customised PDF-reports. AudioConsole can also interface with other patient management systems for export of audiograms and tympanograms. 

Upgrade to the newest version

An older version of AudioConsole can be upgraded to the newest version and it is compatible with all Oscilla devices in the market. 

This version of AudioConsole is approved and CE marked under the current regulation for Medical device software: EU 2017/745 (MDR). 

Please contact your Oscilla distributor if you wish to upgrade.

Please note: Your existing patient database will not be affected if you uninstall/upgrade AudioConsole. A new version will automatically import your existing database. 

Remote Support

The AudioConsole has a built-in remote support module powered by TeamViewer. This enables the user to give Oscilla's technicians access to help with setup and training in a busy workday.

Download remote support tool:


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